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Pet Friendly Custom Home Features

If your family includes dogs and/or cats, think about considering them when you talk to us about the amenities your new custom home will have. Fluffy and Fido will thank you!

Pet friendly features beyond a doggie door to the outside are relatively new, but here are several we've included in custom homes we've built for our clients since 1991:

1. Designated Pete Areas -- a dog house/den tucked away under the stairs. Or even custom fencing to keep your dog in specific areas of your outside space.

2. Dog Washing Station -- we typically add these to laundry rooms. Designed to accommodate the size of your dog, they are perfect with a hand-held shower head and large sink or shower basin that is close to your waist height to reduce the amount of bending over required when washing your dog.

3. Hidden Litter Boxes -- we often add a couple of hidden litter box areas in the home. We often tuck them away in hidden cabinet spaces cats and humans can easily access.

4. Pet friendly flooring is something else you may want to consider flooring that more easily resists staining and scratching, such as bamboo, luxury vinyl or stone tile.

5. Custom feeding areas -- often this can be as simple as a sliding drawer in your cabinets that allow bowls and food storage.

6. Custom Pocket Doors and Gates -- this is a new trend but since we're planning your home from the ground up, we can add pocket dog doors almost anywhere in your home.

So don't forget Fluffy and Fido when you plan your dream house!

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