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5 Things to Know about Building a Coastal Home

5 Things to Know about Building a Coastal Home

Tab Premium Built Homes has been building custom houses along the eastern North Carolina coast since 1992. Along the way, we learned some things people should consider when building a waterfront home:

It's all about the view

This is all the more true if the lot is waterfront. You'll want to maximize the view by carefully selecting a plan that takes full advantage of the particular circumstances of your lot. Southern Living has several thousand plans from which to choose. If you can't find one to fit your specific lot, we can work with you to design a custom plan or refer you to an architect.

You can't have too many porches

When you live on the coast, you live outside. Decks, patios, screen porches and verandas all have appeal. Wrap around porches are especially popular because they increase airflow and visibility to the view.

Multi-functional spaces make a home more livable

People tend to live more casually on the coast and entertaining more often. Often times a formal house plan with each room serving a specific purpose doesn't work as well as zones that can be used differently throughout the day.

The right materials matter

Building codes are minimum standards. A high level of quality will be required to keep your waterfront home safe. In order to reduce maintenance costs caused by high humidity, wind and salty air, considering cement board instead of wood siding and synthetic materials for decking instead of treated lumber.

Consider local vernacular

There's a lot of variety in the styles of coastal homes, which fits your local area best?

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