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Happy Clients!

We wanted a builder who was aligned with our vision of our future home, was transparent with their building process and associated costs, had a trustworthy reputation, and was equally as passionate about our project as we were. Andy Bayliss and the Tab Premium Built Homes, a Southern Living Custom Builder, were a perfect fit. Within a couple of weeks, what had previously taken 10 months working unsuccessfully with a different builder on another plan, Tab brought to digital life our dream home – a version of the Southern Living Whiteside Farm plan.

Within a week of sketching up major modifications to the plan on an iPad, Tab sent the first draft of our dream home to us for review. It was exactly what we wanted and had always dreamed of building. The Tab team allowed me to co-design my family’s perfect home and they collaborated on fine-tuning the plan throughout the design process.

We were ready to begin building in March 2021 as the COVID lockdowns went into effect. It was truly a challenging time to build a home. Zoom meetings instead of on-site visits, rising prices of lumber, supply chain delays and labor shortages. It helped that we had already made many of the lighting and plumbing selections, but most of the challenges we mitigated with Tab’s long-standing relationship with the craftsmen and women they use to build homes.

I had a distinct vision for the interior design selections for our home and I met a kindred spirit in Jane Williams, Tab’s in-house designer. It was just wonderful to work with a team that allow spur of the moment changes such as deciding to vault the primary bedroom ceiling after seeing the room framed out or creating open transoms above doorways from the kitchen. Small details to some, but they made all the difference in the overall design.

Now, we are living in a home that fully embodies the spirit of the Southern Low Country home we fell in love with over 33 years ago. We could not have imagined retiring to a more welcoming community or a more perfect home. We feel very blessed to have worked with the Tab Premium Built Homes team, who made our dream a reality. Because of their dedication to delivering a high-quality home that is well crafted and artistically beautiful as well as identifying the Whiteside Farm home as right for us, Andy Bayliss, the Tab Premium Built Homes team and Southern Living will always have a special place in our hearts.

Kimberly Williams

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